Wednesday, March 18, 2015

West Coast Movers Moving Expenses Guide

West Coast Movers Moving Expenses Checklist

Moving can be one of the most exciting experiences you can have in your life, if its done correctly. You have to plan properly and budget accordingly or else that excitement will quickly turn into stress and misery. In order to prevent that unwanted stress and misery, we have created an easy to follow moving expenses checklist that breaks down the cost of your move and what needs to be done. Print it out and write it down yourself and feel the stress wash away!

What time of the year are you moving?

 Surprisingly, this will have an effect on your moving expenses. Moving in the summer will likely cause you much more money loss than moving in the winter, simply due to popular demand.

Have you picked a moving company?

Every moving company has its own rates for moving and offers a different level of service. You need to choose wisely to insure you’re not overpaying for your move. Some companies solely due the packing of the truck for you and leave you to do the rest, while others will pack for you and drive the truck to your destination. Some will even help you unpack!

Have you bought your packing supplies?

This tends to be where people overspend. Moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, padding, etc. are much cheaper than people realize. You don’t need to go to your local office supplies store and spend $5/box. Try asking your family and/or neighbors if they have any boxes (regardless of the size) they aren’t using that they would give to you. You should also visit your local grocery store or hospital. They always have boxes (often large) lying around that were just going to thro out anyway!
You should also purchase furniture padding if you have larger items such as piano’s or televisions that need to be packed.

Do you have all of the necessary equipment?

You are likely going to need some equipment to assist you in transferring your belongings into the truck or van. If you have hired a moving company, they often bring their own supplies. If you have not, or if you know the company you chose doesn’t supply such items, you are going to need to purchase or rent them yourself.
Consider purchasing some dollies or hand trucks.

Are you moving into an apartment?

If you are moving to an apartment, you have an entire list of other expenses to prepare for. The most common apartment fees include, application fees, security deposit, first/last month’s rent, and sometimes a utility deposit. Although this isn’t technically apart of the moving process, it is something you need in advance before you arrive at your apartment.

This is a very basic moving expenses checklist that can assist in your moving plan! 
West Coast Movers wishing you smooth and easy move